horses in Virginia

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I was lucky enough to visit my friend Sarah, from college. She lives in Virginia about an hour west of Alexandria. It is BEAUTIFUL horse country there. rolling hills, miles of fenced pastures, many horses and barns. heaven.

It was summery weather, and we rode through the trails along the properties, where there is a right of way….. for miles! we galloped and went through streams, swam in the pond with the horses, rode at the ‘community barn and rings, and jumping field’. so much fun. I could be there in a heartbeat. I just am so happy when I am around and on horses!

red velvet cake, and a drive

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Had the treat of having a fabulous Red Velvet Cake from Magnolia Bakery in New York City! It was Trish’s birthday, so we had a feast in the clubhouse at the barn. Tyra, who rides at the barn a few days a week, owns the bakery….. so every now and then we get treats. Trish requested this cake for the party. I couldn’t believe how fantastic it looked when she cut into it!

It looked amazing in the sunlight in the kitchen…..

Then Trish drove me all over the place on the way to her house for the night. I love driving with Trish. It is always an adventure. We drove around Dutchess county where the scenery is mind boggling!


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I love this horse….


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This is Michelle riding a fabulous horse last week. We had a metronome going to help her keep the pace. This horse moves beautifully and Michelle rides her so well! The arena is a fabulous 200′ x 90′ area, with shredded rubber in the footing. oh, it is heated too. (spoiled!)

It is Trish’s voice you can hear working with her to get this horse moving so nicely. I had my lesson and am sooo lucky to have Trish be my trainer and to get to ride horses like this! Makes me really happy.

Heavenly riding lately

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I have LOVED riding again! I knew I missed riding, but hadn’t really realized just how much, until I started doing it again. I am really rusty, but it is slowly coming back. I have been lucky enough to be able to ride again with Trish Helmer. I rode with her at Meredith Manor 20-ish years ago.
The barn she works out of now is about an hour and 20 minutes away from me in Pawling, NY. We are working on getting her website up and going. It is and will be great in a month or so!!

Even the drive is beautiful, especially this time of year!

The farm/barn is beautiful to say the least. I am lucky to go to such a facility! I have so much fun there that I usually ride from about 10:30-11:30, and then hang out for hours afterwards. I sit with Trish in the arena, and listen to/watch her teach… and chat with the other women who ride there (who do the same as me). It is hard to leave.

The farm is beautiful and so nice to be a small part of. I arrive and my horse is tacked and ready for me! 🙂
I ride in a wonderful arena that is huge (the hunter/jumper arena is down the hill), has shredded rubber in the footing to make it nice and cushy, and has garage doors all along the side wall (on the left in the photo) as the windows. very cool.
After I ride, I cool my horse down, and then when I bring him out of the arena, a groom takes him from me, and I can go and enjoy the company of my barn friends! Heaven!!!!

If only I could afford to go more often…… 😉

nice butt

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I really miss these…..

There was a horse trial going on and it was a beautiful fall day. crisp, sunny, pretty foliage, and so many nice horses. I miss them, and being around them, and how I feel when I am around horses.

I love the big soft eyes they have…..

dressage weekend

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I went to visit my friends Joann and Trish this past weekend.
It was a good mental health break for me- to get away, have open space, and contact with horses.

Trish trains dressage riders and we went to a huge show in Saugerties NY. The facility there for horse shows is amazing, expansive and heavenly for those of us who love horses. Trish had several horses there at the show and did pretty well. One of her riders took grand champion in the pony division for the east coast.

Watching the Grand Prix Freestyle, musical kur, was awesome. The horses moving to the music, with the riders getting them to step perfectly in time to the beat…. so cool.

see the entire 6 minute ride here:

sunny riding

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Went riding yesterday with my friend Olivia. It was sunny and beautiful. We rode on a trail over to a huge pasture and worked the horses there.

I was riding a 4 y.o. horse named Choctaw. He is good, but falls on his forehand alot. It has been so long since I have really ridden though, on a consistent basis. Frustrating. I felt like I was able to settle in a bit after 20 minutes of riding, to where I could start to pay attention to my position, and what exactly I should be doing to get the horse to do what I wanted him to do. I did get some nice transitions out of him, and it was just a really nice afternoon ride.

Now, if only she lived about 1/2 hour closer to me…… Damn. I’d ride every day. She has 3 horses she needs worked, and I need to ride! We are a good combo. It would be fabulous if she didn’t live an hour away. but at least I get to go every now and then, and it is heaven for my head!


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Put me near some horses and I am in heaven. I appreciate each time I have the opportunity….. which I had today. yeah!!

It was a heavenly beautiful day!!
My boys are away(Adam took them to visit his mom in DC for a few days), and I have had the luxury of no obligations, and taking my time doing things I don’t usually have the chance to do.

Thursday I went with a friend to IKEA. We stayed so long I was even getting tired! about 3 hours, including a 45 minute lunch there. I got a bunch of things, and then we had to drive home and assemble some of what I got. It was so good having another person with me, doing all of these things too. So much fun.

Today- I had the opportunity to drive down to visit a new friend from my business class. She has a barn and 5 horses. The property is 26 acres and backs up to a wildlife preserve with miles of trails. I arrived there at 10am- it was a 50 minute drive- if it were closer I think I would be there every day!

We pulled 2 horses out of the paddock, groomed, then rode for 2 hours. It was warm, and sunny, and so beautiful to be out. We stopped and had sandwiches by 1:30 (with chopped red peppers in the tuna, and avocado spread onto the rye bread- killer combo!). We sat on the porch in the sun for a bit, and enjoyed the surroundings in a wonderfully lazy way.

Then went out to the paddocks, and brought in the two little black ponies. We groomed them, then tacked them up for driving together. They haven’t really got the hang of being driven together, so they needed work. We took them next door, as the neighbors have the driving reins that we needed, and a round pen to work them. I finally dragged myself away from there at almost 6pm! what a fabulous way to spend the first really beautiful day of the spring.

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