Trish’s Frog

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I am staying at Trish’s house …
and she honored me with reciting her first poem from when she was in 3rd grade (or so)

Apparently it is no longer on paper, so I decided it should be posted here to have others enjoy such wonderful child’s prose.

My Frog

my frog is green with spots of brown,
he learned to swim so he would not drown.
to my surprise it is his wish,
to swim around with my goldfish.
in Africa where they are found,
you will not find them on the ground,
but in a pool real deep and cool.
will you stop in and see him soon?
I got him when he was just new,
and if you like him, like he likes you,
you might like him, like I do.

Trish Helmer

herding sheep

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I had the opportunity to go watch some sheep herding the other day. I jumped at it! I had never been, and thought it sounded fun. Trish has an Australian Sheep Dog that is about 2 years old. The breeder lives nearby and has a beautiful (and huge) farm with many sheep, fabulous horses, etc. So, the other day after my riding lesson, Trish and I went to the farm, and I watched her practice with her dog to herd the sheep…..

By the time we left, the sun was going down and the sky was glowing behind the trees. It was wonderful fiery fall colors, that the camera did not even come close to doing justice.

little cozy ones

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they like to all sleep together in a lump. Eli found them like this inside his comforter the other night when he was ready for bed. They really have been such good pets for the boys. So glad we didn’t get hamsters!

These little ferrets have been more than entertaining for almost 2 years now. It is so good for kids to have a pet (or a few). I grew up with such a menagerie- cats, kittens galore, a dog, pet mice, guinea pigs, hamsters, and even my horse (although that isn’t really a pet, but she was right out the door). There was always a plethora of four legged things at our house. I like having the boys learn to be kind and care for something that can’t care for itself.

half birthday

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(for some reason I can’t rotate this great photo… will work on it)
emmett saw this post and said “ew, I don’t EAT sideways…”

I tried to say something to Emmett the other day about how he is 5 1/2 now. Silly me. forgot to do his 1/2 birthday! He was adamant that he wasn’t 5 1/2 until we did that…. so we picked out what kind of cake and frosting to make 1/2 of… and Eli did the trick candle for him, which he loved. He chose a red balloon which he wanted to pop as soon as we were done with the mini celebration. He did so incredibly gleefully! funny kid. now he is 5 1/2…..

Emmett and Chloe:
his favorite…… (he says he is going to marry her)

new little ones

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Oscar and Chloe

and then there were three…..

They hardly had a rocky start at all, in spite of what I expected. They tussled just a bit and then they have all been getting along. They all sleep together in a big lump. Totally cute. Oscar is a huge pudge. He has been eating since he arrived. I moved the food dish off of the floor, since he would just lie in front of it and eat. Now he actually has to move his lard butt up the ramps in the cage to get to eat.

Chloe is sweet, and mellow. We couldn’t have asked for better pets! We adopted them because the owner wasn’t dealing with them at all. So a guy who helped him move one day, told them he would find them a better home. They hadn’t been out of a cage for ages, and if they did, it was only to the confinement of a small bathroom. No wonder Oscar is a chunk!
The three of them together are totally fun to watch. Great entertainment. I love listening to their chortling. I love having something sweet, furry and cuddly to be with and to enjoy.

I am glad we adopted these little guys. The boys have been great with them too. More photos to come, but for now it is hard to capture them as they have this new freedom to run around, and they are exploring that to the fullest!

pango’s world

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It’s about to be rocked. We have enjoyed having our little ferret, who is sweet and entertaining. He is playful and interactive. The boys love him and love to hold him and play with him. Eli has saved his money to help buy fun tubes for him to climb through, and they create fun ways for him to go through it. But… we have had more than one ferret in the past. They are very social little animals and are so cute when they have playmates. I always said that I would never have “just one” ferret again.

Pango sleeping in his cage……

The other day, there was a post on freecycle for some ferrets needing a good home. I called, we went to visit them, and of course we will be getting them! I couldn’t resist. It will be more work, and more cleaning up, but I do love them. Pango will grow to play with and accept these new ones, but he will be mad at first I think, and probably horror-stricken! How dare they come into HIS space!

But these new two have only been able to have a space as big as a small bathroom to play in. They have never been able to play in any space bigger. We give ours free run of the entire house. These little guys will be whipping around for days I think! and my boys will be entertained and have a blast. It will certainly cut down on the arguing over who gets to hold the one ferret that we have! and with three, it won’t always be that they want a certain one, the way it might be if we had just two. Three will be a whole different dynamic. They are supposed to arrive on Sunday.

I love having animals……..

Pango’s first snow

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Pango, our ferret, was completely intrigued in the snow. We scooped some and brought it inside for him. He stuck his nose in, then way in, and was digging as in a frenzy…. snow flying up in chunks. He seemed to not be able to get enough of it. He was really hard to take photos of though, as he was moving soooo fast. Mostly everything came out blurry. He kept pawing the snow out, and in general was totally energized by it. Totally funny.

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