Wordle… totally fun to make!

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Wordle: Vinalhaven

This was so much fun to make! go to wordle.net and create one!

the dock…

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the cove was great for a few days. We had a feast of lobsters the first night. There 16 people, including 7 kids. we had a dozen lobsters that we got for $60!!! yum!!! I was just starting to feel like wI could settle in to being there on the third day, when we had to leave. too short this year. will have to make up for it next year! 🙂

you can see the boathouse in the distance across the cove to the right. Was so nice to have stayed there last year.

Best blueberry pie

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Luz Zulema, my little niece, decided she was going to be my helper to make a killer yummy blueberry pie for dessert. She became my constant sidekick from then on, and was so cute! She chose the pattern we cut for the top of the pie.

It’s the best damn blueberry pie…. not too sweet… just right, and fabulous with fresh whipped cream.

Blueberry Pie
From the Wilson Farm Cookbook. The absolute best blueberry pie recipe!

1 qt. blueberries, (4-5 cups)
2/3 cup sugar
1/3 cup flour
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1-2 tsp lemon juice
1 Tbsp butter, cut into pieces
1 pie crust- for top and bottom

1. Preheat oven to 425°.
2. Mix berries, sugar, flour, cinnamon, and lemon juice.
3. Spoon into bottom pie crust and dot with butter. Cover with top crust and seal carefully. Cut vents.
4. Bake at 425° for 45 minutes or until top is brown and juice starts to bubble through vents. Serve warm.

a sparkling island week

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This is the view when sitting inside(!) in the boathouse. We just spent a week in this little slice of heaven. and yes, the ocean is as close as it looks in the photo below! -about 25′ away at high tide!

the view from up the hill from the boathouse. the sleeping cabins are to the left of the photos (out of view) …

just about sunset , taken from the other side of the property… with Camden hills in the distancethe boys on top of TipToe Mountain… looking across the FoxIsland Thoroughfare, with NorthHaven in the near distance…
Our friends that came and stayed with us for a few days….
fabulous blackberry bushes all over the place…. these gathered from just beside one of the sleeping cabins….
our campfire one night at low tide….
super beach glass finds!
the best shower… EVER! the wall comes to about neck height (on me) and a view onto the cove, with tons of hot water to keep you warm..

packing to go

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we are off to “the boathouse” tonight in the middle of the night, so we can catch the early ferry there. Vinalhaven is our destination……

I am really excited to go this year, more so than usual. We are staying in the boathouse, which is my favorite of all of the dwellings we stay in up there. It is the most rustic, and has the most personality… a heavenly shower (the wooden attachment on the left of the building) where the wall comes to neck height and you look out on the cove and have tons of hot water. fabulous.

the inside is kind of comfortable chaos and is one big room with everything….

sleeping is done in two other ‘cabins’ which are just small structures with beds. there is a flush outhouse up the hill a few steps.

when hanging out in the boathouse or on the porch of it, the water, at high tide, is about 25 feet away. so the doors are typically thrown open and it is an indoor/outdoor space. the boys will spend time hunting crabs and messing around on the rocky beach. I will do the same with them, and hunt beach glass, and knit, and cook, and hang out with our friends Sheila and Paul who are going to join us for a few days.
can’t wait…..

visiting camp

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Emmett and I drove up to visit Eli at camp. We got there just in time to see him send off his rocket that he had been working on in Rocketry. Then we were able to go with him to see him play steel drums. He helped emmett do it too. The boys seemed like they even had missed each other!

Eli seemed to be very comfortable in his environment there which I loved seeing. It is a beautiful setting and a great place for spending a few weeks. I can see the growth in him already!

Emmett and I stayed in the “Bungalow” which is a big, old-time summer lodge. Beautiful.

Around the great room, is a balcony above encircling it, which opens to about 6 bedrooms, and several bathrooms. We stayed in a small room with windows on 3 sides, letting in the cool evening air. Heavenly to sleep in. Emmett loves playing the piano in the great room.

new digs for Eli

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Eli in his cabin

Eli is now at camp for the next 3 weeks. We helped him settle in yesterday, and left him on the porch playing fussball with a boy from his unit who was there last year.

We can see photos of camp on a website, but can’t talk to him until visiting day in 2 weeks! They take photos and post them every day or 2, and he might be in one or two of them. We can send him emails which get handed out at mail call. He needs to write home twice a week to be able to get a candy bar on Mondays and Thursdays, so we might get mail a few times 🙂

in the car on the way there… my view looking back….. lots of orange!

his cabin… each cabin is named after a castle in England
….the same cabin Adam was in for his first summer at camp!

the waterfront that Eli gets to enjoy for the next 3 weeks. lucky boy.

this is how we left him….
happily playing fussball with another boy from his unit.

henna while in Maine?

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I did this the other night, and love it! it came out nice and dark too.

I have been thinking about trying to do some while I am in Maine- while we are in Vinalhaven at the end of August, and maybe at least bring my things with me when we are up driving Eli to and from camp.

… so if you are interested in getting henna done, and you will be in vinalhaven or on sebago lake… I would love to do henna! email me!

I did tons of henna at a great little music and arts festival this past saturday in Collinsville.
This is me working on someone and creating a pretty floral to go up her hand.
I am loving doing henna and am making some good money doing it too 🙂 yeah!

Camp Four Winds

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Please visit the Camp Four Winds site….. it is a blog, that I started after talking with Cathy about how many people want to connect, but don’t know how. We discussed it for a bit, trying to figure out how to easily do it. I offered to set it up, and maintain it…. so here is the link! click on the words below!

Camp Four Winds

and yes, this is for Camp Four Winds, in Sargentville Maine. A girls camp on the coast of Maine, on the edge of Walker Pond. It is no longer there as a camp, but it still lives on in the memories of many of us. And if you visit the area in the summertime, you are sure to bump into someone who was there. Many people seem to be drawn back! 🙂

Beautiful view

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I would love to be here again….
I can breathe when I have somewhere like this that I can get to.
I need wide open spaces, but I also need to be near people and have community. There is a tour for cohousing that is coming up in a few weeks, and I would love to go on it. Not necessarily to join one of them, but just to learn more about them, and to see them in action, so to speak. I do want to be in Canada for so many reasons, as I am so weary of all of the politics and attitudes, and more, here in the US. I want to start looking in to cohousing in Canada, but also building a house “off the grid”. So much research, and things to keep me physically and mentally busy.

It is hard too, as I feel like things here are good in certain ways: I have a yoga studio I love, and a teacher there that I really connect with and enjoy, I have access to some great little ethnic shops that I love to get food in, I have some good friends, the kids have good school situations and friends, within a 20 minute drive we have a ski area, a hockey rink, schools, playgrounds, a great town pool, and more.

But at the same time, I feel like there is so much missing… and there are no wide open spaces around here at all.

I had a conversation yesterday with someone about college towns. There is a vibrancy and energy to them that I love. Usually there are shops, restaurants, and many fun little places to poke into. There are usually some kind of museums or something along that line to expand your mind. There is the opportunity to mesh with the learning that is going on, in some way, shape, or form: classes to take/audit, performances to see, exhibits, places to visit, and more.

Saratoga Springs, NY was a place I called home for many years as I was a student at Skidmore. Loved being there, walking into town, studying, watching the horse races, going to concerts at SPAC, etc. I had taken a few years off before starting there, so I was a bit older than the other students. It gave me a different attitude, and more life experience, to draw on. I miss being there.
……change is a brewing……
just a matter of when and where….
and needs to be more thought out since there are kids involved…..

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