Cooler weather

September 6, 2006 at 2:50 am | Posted in food, health, tea | 1 Comment

It is time for some serious tea drinking now that the weather is turning more towards what I like… cooler temps! My favorite at the moment is Earl Grey de la Creme from haiTea….. it is creamy and smooth and just the right amount of bergamot.

My health is still a bit messed up. The flulike symptons are gone, but the muscle weakness and swelling is still there, along with being incredibly aching especially first thing in the morning. Can’t use my hands very well, as I can’t grip anything still. very impacting. it sucks. especially since I can’t knit too, and it is the weather for that also! I am itching to get back to the project that I started in the spring. Maybe once we figure out my bizare malady. They drew 6 vials of blood this morning- hopefully that will help…. it certainly freaked out Emmett to watch the blood flooding out of me, and into the vials. He was with me, and his face was about 4 inches from the needle stuck in my arm, craning his neck around so as not to block the woman trying to not hurt me too much.

At least I have lost 4 pounds so far from this ordeal. but not to avoid chocolate of course. I have managed to eat that, even if I haven’t been wanting to, been up to, eating anything all day.
Tired and off to bed. This, whatever it is has been keeping me up too much. I need some sleep!!! and I want to dream of fabulous truffles…… like the ones I saw in the Vosges catalog that came to the house the other day……. mmm…

ooooh, but I did get to have these beautiful fresh California figs that we usually never even get to see on this side of the continent. They were so good!

Okay, now really off….. to my chocolate heaven of dreams…………

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