Change. revitalizing. worth it.

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Two weeks. That’s all it took to change how I look at my future.

Being in Oregon changed how I see things at home in Connecticut. The general feeling that I had while in central Oregon (near Sisters and Bend), was one of genuine kindness and thoughtfulness of others, which was seen in diverse things. The genuine friendliness of people who are open and happy to share things about what they are doing or even inviting others to join them.  The was a difference in the behavior, the attitudes, the pace, and even the willingness to do more for taking responsibility for caring for the environment. People take the time to really connect.

I was so impressed by the beautiful mountains and spectacular vistas. For two weeks, we drove all over, hiked, ate fabulous food, and had many adventures. Horses were seen on a regular basis. My friend’s chickens produce plenty of eggs to enjoy. Her dogs joined us on almost every adventure. The rodeo took place across the road. Teenagers in the house being happy. Wonderful communication in the household… respectful, thoughtful, transparent, playful. Laughter every day!!!

My soul was happy when I was there, sharing daily connection with people who are so kind, thoughtful, and inclusive. They love adventures, and I loved being a part of the adventures too. I’ll be making a plan for another adventure soon.

I know I need to have change in my life. Change is revitalizing and refreshing the soul. I don’t want to continue to live alone. I know the essential human needs include being connected, having a sense of belonging, a purpose, feeling safe, and having a sense of variety as well. I am working on putting those things back into my life.

I survived cancer. I don’t want to waste the opportunity to really feel alive. Things need to change, and I have hard work ahead of me to have that happen. Some days it is really challenging to keep moving forward and not seeing drastic change. Some days I am on fire with it. My next chapter is coming soon.



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