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May 10, 2008 at 2:50 am | Posted in boys, life, parenting | Leave a comment

I am sad that Emmett will not be going back to his school next year. His best friend of the last three years will be sad too, but he doesn’t know yet. His mom doesn’t want to tell him yet, as she knows he will be devastated. They have been best friends for the last three years, and in their short lives, that is half of their time here, and most of their memories.

Emmett knows he will be going to the public school nearby, but I don’t think it has occurred to him the impact that it will have of being away from his hard and fast bonds he has. He is also not happy about the prospect of having homework next year. I agree. First grade should not have homework. He needs time to be a child. He will get home at 4pm, and he heads up to start his bedtime routine (stories, etc) by about 6:30. That is not much time to play and just be a kid.

I have enough issues with the amount of homework that is given to his brother in 5th grade. I certainly have issues with homework in 1st grade! I think the whole schooling system in this country is not focused well, and there is far too much teaching to the testing. I don’t really have any alternative where we live, so it is off to public school for my kids. I often hear people say, “oh, you have such good schools in your town”… I always respond with “what does ‘good schools ‘mean?… the test scores are good?” so what. Does that really mean that we have fully educated our kids? It doesn’t mean the kids are well rounded or confident or able to express themselves on different levels. it just means that they have had certain things drilled into their heads, and can spit it back.
I also have issues with the fact that our school district teaches the “everyday math” program, which has been shown to be detrimental in the long run, as the kids don’t really learn the breakdown of how and why they are doing things. And the other thing I have an issue with is that they have to learn cursive. To me this is archaic. As my older one said… “why do we need to learn a different font?” hmmm… doesn’t that just sum it up a bit? More on that some other time.
In the meantime, I am glad that both of my boys got the good base in their early years. I am sad that it will no longer be part of their day. Things will change now on many levels.


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