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October 24, 2007 at 10:31 pm | Posted in house, life | Leave a comment
yeah!! I love building and designing, and all that is involved in it. it is very good for my ADDness, and my love of hunting things down, and finding the “just right” thing, and creating good useable space.

We are building straight up from the garage, just adding on as a second floor. We desperately need another bedroom, and a second full bath will be great. I want it to be a really nice one, and to be able to fit it all in the things to make it that way.

(click this image to make it larger)
the slanty part on the bottom of the drawing is the existing part of the house.

The garage was built at a weird angle to it, and that is why it is so odd.

I did go to school for Interior Design for a year and loved parts of it. I will be drafting out the plans for the addition, but to start with, just used this old kit I had from when I was 18 (yes I loved planning space back then too). It is fun and easy to rearrange stuff on, as it is just plastic overlays and easy to move everything around. Now that it is decided, I will draft it out for the builder. We will start next week.

Someday, I do want to build an entire house on a great property. I guess this is good practice.


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