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September 19, 2007 at 12:35 pm | Posted in life | Leave a comment

I had a fantastic birthday this year. Mostly just that my head was in a different place and it was a good place. I felt hmmmm…. sunny and good and happy.

I got the brand new iPod that had just come out the day before. so cool. I have music and photos and even video on it! I have felt so out of touch with music for a long time, but it is back in my life, and it makes me happy. This is my first iPod, and I am loving it! I got the cool green one, and now will get a dock and more for it.

I also got a new haircut. Last year I did too, and let it go kind of curly and wild, and was feeling that way. This year, I got it cut two days before. I hadn’t really been going for a new look, but then the woman blew it dry in a whole new way, and I felt so great, sexy, and beautiful. I had her teach me how to do it, so I can keep the look 🙂 It is long loose wavy hair, straight-ish, with big loose curl at the bottom. I get compliments on it like crazy. The first day taking emmett back to school (the day after I got it cut) I had so many compliments, I felt fabulous. So many people loved it, and I did too! Will post a photo soon.

It was a great birthday and I felt like I am changing, growing, and coming into my own. I have both kids in school full day now, and that changes alot for me. I am even looking toward teaching skiing this winter! Yeah! Still doing henna, and loving that, and still drinking tons of tea. Wish I could figure out how to do my tea business, but for now I need to let it go. I will get back to it at some point when it is right.


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