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June 2, 2007 at 9:58 am | Posted in henna | Leave a comment

I am trying to get my henna website going…
it is slow going! As they say- the cobbler’s kids have no shoes… yeah, well…. Adam does fantastic websites. He told me not to use a site builder or template, that he would do it…. I can work on it and upoad things and know a little bit of html coding and all of that, but need him to actually get it set up and do the pages, then I can figure it out from there. But he has only done the front splash page and that’s it. So… hopefully a gallery and more pages will be there soon.

It needs to be done. I have been handing out business cards like crazy and have been getting more and more work. I also need a banner ad for being listed on the henna page website. There are no artists in CT on there except for Heather and someone else, but really they are in Providence. So I would love to have a banner on there and be able to get some business from that site!

Hopefully it will be done soon. I will be raffling off a full hour henna appt during Eggstock

Hopefully I will glean many names from that raffle of potential customers. This is certainly the season though with warm weather and more skin showing. Word of mouth advertising is good, and I am always showing some henna on me somewhere!

Megan’s back

I did this one the other day.. I liked it. Meg went to the drive-through at the bank an hour later, and the teller there could see her shoulder in the camera. She asked her to get out of the car and turn around so that she could see the rest, and then requested a business card to be sent in the tube with her deposit! I guess I’ll be going over to the bank to follow up…


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